CBI Services, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of CB&I, welcomes you to this website dedicated exclusively to our Exelon Nuclear maintenance and modification project.  

CBI Services, Inc. is a union contractor in business for more than 100 years building and maintaining fossil and nuclear power plants, refineries, chemical-processing facilities, offshore exploration, and environmental remediation.

Inside you will find links that describe our project and site organizations, opportunities for employment, projected outage schedules, requirements and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to obtain nuclear unescorted access (i.e., security badge), training guides, and a host of other useful information.

You can also access our collective bargaining agreement (The Exelon Amendment to the General Presidents’ Project Maintenance Agreement) and a listing of other contractors (see LOA log) signatory to this Agreement.   We host this information on our website as a courtesy to Exelon.

Opportunities for professional employment with our firm are abundant, especially for individuals with progressive supervisory experience in nuclear maintenance work. We also hire more than 10,000 construction workers each year from a cross-section of Trades represented by more than 110 Local Union Halls. Within this website, you’ll find more information about how to obtain employment whether your experience is in management or in the Trades. We hope you find the website content useful and informative. Whether you’re a union member or management, if you’re committed to working safely and professionally we welcome your interest.


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